Thymes Frasier Fir, The Perfect Holiday Fragrance

If an essential part of the Christmas Holidays is the wonderful scent of a fresh natural pine tree in your home you might have been missing out if you an artificial tree or live in a smaller home where a big fresh cut Christmas tree just isn’t practical. But there is great news, you can have that fresh zingy yet subtle fragrance that makes your home smell of the Christmases you remember with the beautiful Frasier Fir fragranced reed diffuser pictured below!

Thymes Frasier Fir Reed Diffuser is brilliant, long lasting, economical and getting rave reviews! It captures the fresh, clean scent of newly cut pine trees perfectly and fills your home with a gentle fragrance that will make your guests do a ‘double take’ if you have an artificial tree as they will be certain that you have a fresh pine tree in your living room!

This Thymes product is one of the top selling reed diffusers on, with an economical refill bottle of oil available to top up your diffuser if needed, this fragrance is popular throughout the winter, not just in the Holiday. Some thrifty reviewers have said that they purchased the refill to use with their own reeds and container. I think this is a great idea if you have a special Christmas vase or vessel that you would like to display by using it as the base for your diffuser.

If you want to give one as a gift, there is a version with a pinecone shaped base in which to place your rattan diffuser sticks. It comes in a pretty gift box too!

For those of us who have an artificial tree that we dig out of the loft each year because we want to be eco-friendly and not cut down more fresh pine trees, the Frasier Fir Diffuser is a great way to have the best of both worlds.

The scent of fresh pine can give some people a headache. However, I read a review on Amazon where a couple who avoided all fragranced oils and scented candles because of sensitivities to these products, stated that this was not the case with this particular oil. Continue reading

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Essenza Reed Diffusers

Essenza reed diffusers are now being replaced by ESSENZA ultrasonic fragrance diffusers – designed to fragrance your home in a natural, sweet way, without being too over-powering.

The newest addition to the range is a diffuser with a changing LED light. This produces a very fine mist of aromatherapy essential oil in your chosen fragrance. I love the look of this product, it is very stylish with a combination of wood and frosted glass.

Essenza Ultrasonic Fragrance Diffuser

This comes in either Rosemary Mint or French Lavender fragrances – or add your own choice of essential oil

There are fourteen different colours and the option to choose between constant on or a rotating light pattern. This makes it suitable for ‘mood lighting‘ as well as providing a mood-enhancing aromatherapy fragrance.

You can choose a continuous stream of the fragrance mist or the intermittent option.

There is no heat with the LED technology used, so the oil will not degrade.

The unit is simplicity itself to operate. All you need to do is to fill the internal water reservoir to the level indicated, add three to five drops of your chosen oil and then replace the plastic cover. The final thing to do is to replace the outer glass sleeve and turn the unit on. Use the buttons to choose which lighting and fragrance dispensing options you want.

The unit comes with all you need to get started, including power supply, a measuring cup and 15 ml of the oil. It operates quietly and unobtrusively and there is an automatic shut-off feature when the water reservoir gets low.

My top tips would be:

1. Use cooled boiled water or purified water if you live in a ‘hard’ water area to reduce any risk of mineral build-up within the unit.

2. You do not have to use the same fragrance each time. Buying individual fragrance oils makes this a very versatile way to scent your home with a fragrance to suit your mood (choose relaxing, calming, enervating – and so on) or to suit the season. With no need to replace diffuser reeds when you decide to change the fragrance, this also makes the Essenza Ultrasonic Diffuser an economical option.

3. You can use fragrance oils from another manufacturer in this unit.

4. Coordinate the fragrance from your diffuser with one of the range of hand soaps from Essenza – for example, the diffuser, pictured above, comes with Rosemary Mint oil and pictured below, is the matching Rosemary Mint soap. There are several other options including Mango Agave and French Lavender.

Essenza Rosemary Mint Hand Soap

Coordinate your Essenza diffuser fragrance with either Rosemary Mint or French Lavender Hand Soap

Many people have tried scented candles, fragranced plug ins and reed diffusers to create a sweeter smell around the home, before turning to Essenza ultrasonic diffusers to find exactly what they have been looking for. There are many reasons that these provide the ideal solution.

For starters, there is no risk of smoke or fire, as there is with candles. If you have small children or pets, you might be wary about having open flames around the place, even if the scent is wonderful.

Plug ins and gel fragrance kits are both easy, practical options, but many people complain that they can smell artificial, or that they don’t last as long as they should. The same issues occur with aerosol sprays, along with the concern that they are not an environmentally friendly choice.

You have none of these problems with ultrasonic diffusers as they are:

  • Safe
  • Easy to use
  • Long lasting
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Completely alcohol free
  • Create a natural, sweet scent

As well as using them to improve the ambiance in your own home, you should consider them as attractive gift for others. Essenza Ultrasonic diffusers make an elegant display and a very acceptable gift for Mother’s Day, Birthdays, Christmas gifts or just a way of saying a special ‘thank you’. Click here to view a full range of Essenza products.

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K Hall Designs Reed Diffusers

Kelley Hall-Barr, together with her husband, John Barr are the successful partnership behind K. Hall Designs. All their aromatic products use top quality natural ingredients and essential oils. In addition to the deliciously fragranced reed diffusers that we are reviewing here, their range includes products for the bath and body as well as for the home.

Such is the quality of the products from K. Hall Designs that they are available nationwide and have been lauded in many publications, not just for the quality of the products themselves, but for their aesthetic appeal with elegant, simplicity of design and packaging. Even if you are not able to get to one of the trendy boutiques or top retailers who stock Kelley’s designs in-store, you are able to choose from a wide selection available online.

Reed diffusers are not a new addition to the K. Hall offering. In fact, they have been making them for more than ten years. One thing I particularly like about these products is that the blend of essential and fragrance oils is cosmetic grade that you can actually safely apply as a body scent should you wish to do so! The reeds are especially made for the company and are thicker, enabling greater saturation and better, more rapid dispersal of the fragrance.

I also like the fact that each product is dispatched with the fragrance oil safely sealed inside a shatterproof bottle that is amber-colored to protect the contents from light until you are ready to use it. Assembly is simple, just place the fragrance oil into the apothecary bottle made of glass (supplied) and immerse the reeds. The packaging is very well designed for transportation and the contents are packed into a sturdy tube for shipping.

There are currently lot of different K Hall Design diffusers to choose from so there is sure to be one that appeals to you and your family. This is another thing that I like about the range, many of the fragrances are cleverly designed to appeal to men and women, young and old and really make a room smell wonderful. Continue reading

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Votivo Reed Diffuser Range

Continue reading

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Archipelago Botanicals Diffuser Range

Archipelago are a company best known for their Botanicals brand, including fragranced candles, bath and body products and a wonderful array of reed diffusers. An Archipelago Botanicals diffuser will fragrance your home with wonderful, natural scents to help you relax and unwind after a busy day, set a romantic mood or welcome guests into your home.

The Four Archipelago Reed Diffuser Ranges

Archipelago Botanicals AB Home diffusers

These come in a range of sizes and in over 17 delicious fragrances so you are sure to find the perfect one for your home.

The most popular fragrances in this range at the moment are Eucalyptus (pictured on the right), Jasmine and Verbena.

If you would like to browse all the fragrances available in this range, here is the link Archipelago Botanicals diffuser range

Archipelago Excursion diffusers

There are 16 fragrance choices for this range and they come in 8.2 fl.oz bottles and there are also refills available. You can view the range available here.

The smaller size, called Excursion Travel is available in twenty-two different fragrances, each holding 1.6 fl oz. The neat thing about the travel range is that each diffuser is supplied with five sets of diffuser reeds which are disposable. Set up your fragrance diffuser wherever you travel and when you pack up, dispose of the reeds and re-seal the leak proof bottle. It only takes a few seconds so you can take your favorite fragrance with you and take the scent of home anywhere in the world.

The Excursion diffuser refills make an economical way to replenish the fragrance once it is spent. Each refill holds 7.85 fl oz and there are currently 13 different refills available for this range.

The most popular fragrance in this collection on, is called “Kashmir”. It will “immerse your home with the scent of paradise on Earth. Orange Blossoms, Sandalwood and Kashmir Vanilla are combined to create our Kashmir inspired reed diffuser. This warm and refreshing fragrance blend will fill your home with a little bit of paradise that will last for months.”

The last collection is the Signature Archipelago Diffuser range. The fifteen different fragrances in this collection are supplied in diffuser bottles, each holding 7.85 fl oz. These are long lasting fragrances that will fill your home with delicious perfume for several months.

When the fragrance is spent, or you would like a change, there a Signature refills range, also holding 7.85 fl oz with which you can replenish your diffuser. There are also replacement reeds available if you would like to change to a different fragrance or feel that the reeds are now spent too.

As you will see, there is an Archipelago Botanicals Diffuser for every taste, every room in the home and even to take with you when travelling. This coupled with the stylish design of the packaging and the diffuser bottles, the long-lasting fragrances and the excellent value for money – especially when buying them from Amazon, makes an Archipelago diffuser the perfect choice, whether for keeping or for giving.

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Agraria AirEssence and PetiteEssence Reed Diffusers

Probably the most luxurious and stylish diffusers anywhere in the world come from Agraria of San Francisco. Their beautiful products have that touch of hand-crafted elegance that sets them apart and the use of only the finest ingredients in their essential oils means that the fragrance of Agraria AirEssence and PetiteEssence Reed Diffusers lasts much longer than any other brand.

Read on to find out why these diffusers are so popular both for giving and for keeping, where you can get yours online at a great price and how to get your hands on a set of four of these delicious fragrances for a fraction of the cost of the same items bought individually!

View the entire range of Agraria AirEssence Fragrance Diffusers here

The History of Agraria Reed Diffusers

Agraria’s history of providing wonderful fragrances dates back to the 1970s when Henri Bendel’s director, a lady named Geraldine Stutz invited Stanford Stevenson and Maurice Gibson who were the founders of Agraria, to showcase their fragrances at Bendel’s shop called “Scentiments”. She made this decision after being given a box of pot pourri in the bitter orange fragrance – the rest, as they say, is history with what the New York Times described as a ‘woodsy blend’ being bought to grace the living rooms of Park Avenue!

Agraria is now both the largest and the oldest of America’s luxury home fragrance companies and their products can be found in the finest hotels and bought in the best shops all over the world. However, you do not have to travel far to get yours! Just a click of the mouse will take you to Amazon where these wonderful fragrances are on sale at great prices! Continue reading

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Woodwick Reed Diffusers and Refills

Woodwick reed diffusers are becoming a hugely popular best seller from this company, perhaps better known for its scented candle ranges. Woodwick produce two sizes of diffusers, a range of refills and an innovation in diffuser products, a spill proof diffuser range.

The small reed diffusers from Woodwick are the perfect size to give as a gift or to introduce a friend, or family member to the benefits of fragrancing the home using an oil diffuser. They are perfect for smaller rooms such as bathrooms, cloakrooms and hallways and are great tucked away in an alcove so that you get a gentle waft of fragrance as you pass by.

Each of these small diffusers is presented in a pretty glass jar with a wooden lid and supplied with a dozen reed sticks. They represent great value for money as the fragrance will last for four weeks or so. When in use, they are 22 cms tall. The three most popular fragrances in this size (at the time of writing), are Frasier Fir and styles called ‘At The Beach’ and ‘Cinnamon Chai’.

View the entire Woodwick Small Diffuser range with this link!


The large reed diffusers from Woodwick should go on supplying fragrance to your room for three months or longer. Again, each one is supplied in a prettily designed glass jar containing 7.4 fl. Oz of highly concentrated fragranced oil, each has a wooden lid. One dozen of the reed diffuser sticks come with each fragrance.

View the entire Woodwick Large Reed Diffuser range with this link!


How to activate your Woodwick reed diffusers

To activate a diffuser, simply arrange the reeds supplied in the container so that they can absorb the oil. Place where you wish in your room, taking care to avoid high traffic areas where the contents could get spilled. It takes about twenty-four hours for the reeds to become fully saturated with oil and for the fragrance to start being diffused at the optimum rate.

Woodwick Reed Diffusers Continue reading

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Choose A Yankee Candle Reed Diffuser

Choosing a Yankee Candle reed diffuser from the Signature range, could not be easier as there are currently loads of different fragrances including two that have recently been introduced to the range.

Top Tip: You are sure to be able to find a fragrance that appeals to you and which will suit just about any room in the house and if you need help choosing, see below for the top four most popular fragrances in the range right now!

Yankee Candles’ motto is “A Passion for Fragrance” and they certainly live up to this, constantly bringing out new and delightful fragrances which help to set a mood, evoke memories and generally make your home feel warm and welcoming, relaxing or invigorating depending on the product you choose.

Many people prefer the range of reed diffusers to the scented candles because the fragrance is so long-lasting and can be safely left to do its job 24/7 without any lighted flame. In addition, the diffusers make an attractive feature in themselves as they have hand decorated glass containers for the oil and make a really pretty feature in any room of the house.

Another thing that people like particularly about Yankee Candle reed diffusers is that the same great fragrances from the Signature range are available in other products too. This makes it easy to accessorize a room with other items that match – or make a coordinating gift with a few items with the same fragrance, for example you could add a scented candle, a concentrated room spray, an antibacterial pump hand soap, wax potpourri, an electric fragrance plug-in or tea-lights depending on the fragrance you choose.

This makes gift buying a cinch and also makes it simple to ensure that you do not have too many competing fragrances in a small room such as the bathroom, for example.

Which is The Most Popular Yankee Candle Reed Diffuser? Continue reading

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Reed Diffuser Garden, Ideas For Home Fragrance

Whilst reed diffusers standing alone, can look very attractive, more and more people are personalising them to their individual taste and room decor by creating a reed diffuser garden. These can be bought ready-made and there is a wide choice available.

However, you can also make your own reed diffuser garden. Using a Reed diffuser is a great way of adding fragrance to your home or place of work. Fragrance is a very personal thing, so there are no inflexible rules about which aroma to use in a specific place.

What is reed diffuser?

To make a simple reed diffuser, you need only three elements:-

  1. Reeds:
    reed diffuser gardenThe reeds last for a long time, but need to be changed each time you change the fragrance oil in your diffuser. If you utilise an old one then you will be merging scents. These products are accessible in packs because you need to use more then one reed for each diffuser. To find out how to choose the best diffuser reeds, please use the link to visit our article.
  2. Diffuser Container:
    The diffuser is the small to standard sized jar or flask that holds the reeds in place and contains the fragrance oil. The reeds soak up oils and then slowly disperse them into the air thus creating and spreading the sweet aromas you want.
  3. Reed diffuser oils:
    The fame of the use of essential oils to refresh your homes and business alike has created a complete new world of variety in scents. This method of releasing oil scents into the air is a new and very practical way to revive the interior of your home and reed diffuser and oils are now one of the most famous and trendy ways that people are using to make an aromatic environment. The procedure behind oils and reed diffuser is very easy. The reeds are instilled with essential oil aromas.

How To Make A Reed Diffuser Garden:

easy to make reed diffuser garden

A decorated reed diffuser garden with pebbles and scented candles

Continue reading

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An Essential Oils Diffuser, Your Very Own Stress Buster!

Use of an essential oils diffuser is considered a form of therapy. Aromatherapy is a wonderful method to help soothe the human mind and relax the body. Thanks to science and technology, that has helped prove many positive effects over the years, this form of therapy calls for use of fragrances to help create a healing effect on both the mind and the body.

Essential Oils are concentrated liquids that are extracted from plants, flowers or herbs and act as an agent that provides fragrance to perfumes or even added to food in the form of essence, to help enhance flavor. Use of these oils is now a growing trend especially with aromatherapy. They could be used during a relaxing massage, a soak in the bath tub or used in a reed diffuser.

How is an Essential oils diffuser helpful?

essential oils diffuserAn essential oil diffuser is perfect for dispersing the aroma all across the room.

This form of aromatherapy can be easily used at one’s work place, at home, in hotels, restaurants – in fact, wherever its beneficial effects can be enjoyed. Depending on one’s state of mind; one can choose to use a particular fragrance to help alter or set the mood.

However, these have many uses and can be used to for so many purposes, everything from treating a terrible cold and running nose, to having a tranquilizing effect on a stressful day or just help pump start your day with an energising fragrance.

Essential Oil- Beginners Best of the Best Aromatherapy Gift Set- (100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils) 12/ 10 ml

Essential oils are not just limited to use in a reed diffuser, they can be used in many different ways – for example: Continue reading

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